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Andy is a mechanical engineer and accomplished computer programmer as well as an expert in technical analysis of chart patterns.  He created the first version of Ramp in 1998. His initial goal was to write a program to scan any market to find all symbols that have prices pulled back to very high quality support lines. With his background in programming and advance engineering mathematics, Andy was able to create a mathematical model that does an amazing job of identifying trend lines and now other patterns.  Anyone can draw trend lines and find chart patterns by hand, but the time required is so extreme, it becomes impractical to evaluate a list of any size.  In the 12 years since the release of the first trend line scanner, Andy has never stopped adding new feature to the program.

In 2009 Andy created and released a sister program to Ramp.  It is called RT-Alerts.  The RT-Alerts Program is a program that you can run on your Windows PC that gives you real time Forex, ETF and US stock chart pattern recognition alerts from the stock market today.  The alerts are sent from the Ramp real time chart pattern recognition scanner that runs 24 hours a day on Andy's server in Spokane, WA. The real time chart pattern alerts are published 24 hours a day because they include Forex currency pairs.

In 2010 Andy released a real time upgrade to the Ramp Program.  This is the same Ramp chart pattern recognition program as the end of day version already widely used.  In this new release, he added the ability to connect to two different real time data suppliers.  They are MT4 for real time Forex chart pattern recognition and Equis QuoteCenter for real time data from other markets.  The addition of QuoteCenter and MT4 as data connections made Ramp a Real time intraday chart pattern recognition Forex and Stock screener for just about any market world wide.

There was a tremendous effort involved in developing an intraday real time steaming  historical data feed. This was done for 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minute bars as well as daily and weekly bars.  It attaches to QuoteCenter data so you can connect to just about any market world wide.  There is a great need for real time historical data and it has been filled with the Ramp Data Collector Program.  The data can be captured in real time continuously updating .CSV files and used by any programmer for any program.  Versions of this program are available for both QuoteCenter for Real Time World Markets and MetaTrader(MT4) Expert Advisor for Free Forex Real Time Data .

In the 12 plus years that Andy has developed these systems, he has occasionally created videos the help traders learn how to run the chart pattern scanners and about chart patter technical analysis in general.  These free technical analysis trading training videos are all on the internet for anyone to watch. 

Andy's research in chart patterns has led him to be a great fan of trading MACD divergences on support lines.  He has done extensive work in this area and has published most of it in free MACD Divergence training videos.

A new project is under development now.  Andy has a 5 year old grandson named Ed with childhood diabetes.  Any person wants to do everything they can when life pops up with these kinds of challenges.  All Andy is really good at is programming so he have programmed the diabetes calculator and record keeper named Ed's-Page at http://www.Diabetes-Calculator.com.
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